Royal Blue Moonstone

Blue moonstone was once believed to be moonlight captured, magically, in solid form.I first encountered this mesmerizing gem some twenty years ago. “Regular” moonstones were familiar to me, but these stones, I knew immediately, were something truly special.
Moonstone is in its own mineral family – feldspar.  Characterized by an optical phenomenon called adularescence, blue moonstone displays an enchanting glow. As light touches the stone, a luminous blue sheen appears from deep within.
Blue moonstone was particularly popular in the mid-1900’s with Art Nouveau masters such as René Lalique, and with one of my heroes, Louis Comfort Tiffany. 
The quality of the blue moonstone was so striking that I began calling it Royal Blue Moonstone, a name that has since been adopted industry-wide to describe only the very best.
Immediately inspired, I asked the dealer to leave all he had with me.  I created layouts and patterns for necklaces and bracelets, keeping a particular eye out for unique stones for one-of-a-kind rings. Our Royal Blue Moonstone collection was born.
Whether set in a ring, necklace, or bracelet, we select only the highest quality of this already remarkable gemstone and, as a result, our pieces are truly in a class of their own.
Assembling a suite of stones for an important high jewelry necklace can take thousands of carats of the rough material, and months of searching. As one of nature’s most spectacular gifts, Royal Blue Moonstone is highly esteemed precisely for its scarcity and spectacular glow.  As the availability becomes more and more difficult, each piece is destined to become a treasured collectible.