18K Color Wheel Pendant




The 18K Color Wheel Pendant paints a rainbow in gemstones. Iolite, rubellite, pink tourmaline, green tourmaline, golden beryl, peridot, and aquamarine, lets you wear every color under the sun. Our signature trio of diamonds adds a luxe finish.


  • 18K gold+
  • Rhodolite (1.42cts)+
  • Citrine (1.24cts)+
  • Pink Tourmaline (.8cts)+
  • Peridot (.7cts)+
  • Amethyst (.64cts)+
  • Iolite (.56cts)+
  • Green Tourmaline (.42cts)+
  • Yellow Beryl (.26cts)+
  • Diamond (0.16cts)+
  • Length: 49mm/1.93''; Width: 28.91mm/''
  • Imported+
  • #L#

  • 18K gold+
  • Citrine (2.1cts)+
  • Garnet (1.73cts)+
  • Mixed Tourmaline (1.34cts)+
  • Peridot (1.28cts)+
  • Yellow Beryl (1.16cts)+
  • Amethyst (1.13cts)+
  • Iolite (0.98cts)+
  • Rhodolite (0.83cts)+
  • Diamonds (0.24cts)+


  • Length: 52.2mm/2.1", Width: 32.2mm/1.3"
  • Imported+

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