the tree of life collection

For Nature Lovers

The Tree of Life Collection celebrates land, air, and sea.

The Tree of Life Pendant

The Tree of Life Pendant is the centerpiece of the collection. Here, golden animals play among the branches and in the water below.

18K Large Tree of Life Pendant

Transform it into your own family tree by engraving names along the branches.

18K Small Tree of Life Pendant

A variety of flora and fauna inhabits this world from flowery vines to sea kelp, from serpents to bees, from owls to foxes, lions, and dolphins, all represented in a golden, gemmy world. 

The Vine Motif

One of our most timeless jewels, the Vine Bracelet reimagines the cornices and columns on classical temples in our signature gold.

18K Vine Bracelet

Inspired by Diana, Goddess of the Forest, the Vine Ring wraps golden leaves around your finger.

18K Vine Ring

Our precious blue green planet is a never-ending source of awe and inspiration for this collection.

The Owl Amulet

According to Greek mythology, the owl is a symbol of Athena, goddess of wisdom; she is never without one perched on her shoulder.

18K Small Owl Amulet

It is said that her owl helped her to be all-seeing and all-knowing. The18K Owl Amulet is a piece fit for the gods!

18K Medium Owl Amulet