The Royal blue moonstone collection

Once in a blue moon

There is moonstone,and then there is BLUE moonstone. We fell under the spell of this gem decades ago and it soon became one of our signature stones.

Blue Moonstone Necklaces

Once thought to be moonlight captured magically in solid form, Blue Moonstone has its own inner glow.

18K Blue Moon Link Necklace

The Blue Moonstone Necklaces finds our signature gem combined with diamonds in a simple, elegant design.

18K Cosima Necklace

The captivating blue flash is what makes blue moonstone so rare and valuable.  That unique glow of blue is called adularescence and is what lends depth and mystery to this unusual gem.

The classic temple rings

This is the first ring Temple ever made. It finds our signature stone, the Blue Moonstone, in one of our most iconic settings.

18K Classic Temple Ring

Flanked by two trios of expertly cut diamonds, The 18K Blue Moonstone Temple Ring is the ultimate addition to any jewelry collection.

18K Classic Temple Ring

We choose every single one of our blue moonstones for purity, depth of cut, and balanced placement of blue flash.  You will find it across all our collections from the Fine Jewelry classics to one-of-a-kind High Jewelry & Haute Couture pieces.

Blue Moon Bracelets

A constellation of Blue Moonstones elegantly orbits the wrist.

18K Full Moon Bracelet

This classic bracelet is lovely on its own or stacked with bangles, timepieces, or other bracelets.

18K Blue Moon Link Bracelet