The rock crystal amulet collection

Our Most Iconic Jewel

Our Rock Crystal Amulets vary from the classics, simply caged in gold or with a touch of diamond to Vine Amulets inspired by the goddess Diana to amulets embraced by gemmy sea stars or alighted by honeybees.  Our amulets are made from natural rock crystal that has been polished and shaped into spheres and eggs.  

the vine amulet

The 18K Vine Amulet is part of the Tree of Life collection and was inspired by Diana, goddess of the forest.

18K Small Vine Amulet

Golden vines and delicately carved leaves wind around a polished rock crystal in a harmonious marriage of softness and strength.

18K Large Vine Amulet

Amulets – Charms – Talismans: these are the first jewels know to humankind.

The blue moon amulet

he 18K Blue Moon Amulet adds the magic of Blue Moonstone to our classic rock crystal amulet.

18K Medium Blue Moon Amulet

North, south, east and west are each represented by a cabochon-cut Blue Moonstone.

18K Large Blue Moon Amulet

Fittingly our Rock Crystal Amulet is the first Temple jewel.

the original amulet

Temple initially designed the 18K Classic Round Amulet for herself, and the first one she ever made is the one she still wears every day.

18K Small Classic Round Amulet

rom this one iconic piece has sprung all of our other amulet designs.

18K Large Classic Round Amulet