Temple St. Clair has an affinity and great affection for art and nature. Personally and as a company, Temple and her family support the arts, particularly dance and education in the arts. Temple also suports multiple advocacy groups for environmental and specific species protection.

Lion Guardians

Lion Guardians is a non-profit organization in Kenya led by Dr. Leela Hazzah and Dr. Stephanie Dolrenry whose work is based on acquiring a deep understanding of the traditional Maasai culture and encouraging behavioral changes within that culture to save lions, instead of killing them. Temple St. Clair supports Lion Guardians by donating proceeds from each and every piece of my new Lion Cub collection sold in stores and online. We are helping those who were once lion hunters to become Lion Guardians.

New York City Ballet

Temple St. Clair has been a proud supporter of the performing arts for close to 30 years. All of us at Temple St. Clair are honored to partner with the New York City Ballet for the 2015-16 season. This year’s theme, “Craft of Choreography,” strikes at the heart of our own commitment to craftsmanship and to the value of the human touch in work and life.

For more information about the New York City Ballet, please click here.

Food Bank

Help the homeless. Temple St. Clair supports various local and national charities including Services and Food for the Homeless (SAFH) - a non profit organization providing food and assistance to the homeless for more than 20 years. To aid their fundraising efforts, Temple St. Clair has created a special edition pendant in yellow and white gold. 50% of the proceeds from each sale will be donated to SAFH. Receive a free copy of Temple St. Clair's new book, Alchemy - A Passion for Jewels, with every purchase of this pendant.

For more information about SAFH, please click here. Help the Cause. Call to order! 1.800.590.7985

International Marine Mammal Project

Temple St. Clair supports the International Marine Mammal Project, an organization that has led the fight to protect dolphins, whales, and the ocean environment. One of their many efforts is the fight to end the tragic slaughter of dolphins in Taiji, Japan, as featured in the Academy Award–winning movie The Cove. And they campaign to stop all trade in live dolphins and end the captivity of whales and dolphins for circus performances.

To aid their fund-raising efforts, Temple St. Clair will donate 40% of the proceeds from each sale of our Dolphin Pendants to this worthy cause.

For more information about the International Marine Mammal Project, please Click here. Help the Cause. Click here to order or call 1.800.590.7985

Coral Advocacy

Temple St. Clair joined Seaweb's Too Precious to Wear campaign in an effort to raise awareness about the threats facing corals and reefs and to gain greater protection for precious corals worldwide.

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