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Temple St. Clair is a New York City-based brand. As such, we are devoted to helping the place we call home.

SAFH - Trinity's Services and Food for the Homeless

SAFH is a non-profit organization located in New York City’s East Village that has been providing food and assistance to the homeless for over 30 years. SAFH offers nutritionally balanced meals everyday, serving over 200,000 meals annually to those in need. In addition, SAFH provides balanced food supplies to those who cannot leave their homes.

Temple and her husband have lived and raised their family in the East Village for the last 20 years. When their family moved to the neighborhood, they became personally familiar with the daily operations of SAFH and have been proud to support the organization ever since.

For the entire month of April, we will donate 25% of all purchases directly to SAFH, one of the few food banks open during this pandemic.  Your purchases will provide meals for countless New Yorkers in need.

For more information about SAFH, please visit here.


From the Tree of Life collection, to Nature Deconstructed, Temple St. Clair has long found inspiration in the plants and animals that live beside us. As climate change and industrialization continue to threaten our planet, Temple St. Clair has doubled down on our efforts to fight mass extinction.

Lion Guardians

Protecting animals is a cause close to our hearts. Temple St Clair is donating a portion of all proceeds from our Lion collection to the Lion Guardians. 

Lion Guardians is a Kenyan-based conservation organization devoted to protecting the king of beasts. Combining cutting-edge research with community participation, the Lion Guardians work with local Maasai tribes, giving them the tools to “effectively mitigate conflicts between people and wildlife, monitor lion populations, and help their own communities live with lions.” These animals are as crucial to the environment as they are to the local economy; by keeping them alive, Lion Guardians ensures a critical stream of revenue (through tourism) continues to reach and empower these tribes. To learn more about Lion Guardians click here.

Big Life Foundation 

Temple is honored to serve on the advisory board of Big Life Foundation. Dedicated to community uplift and environmental conservation, Big Life Foundation protects over 1.6 million acres of wilderness in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem of East Africa. Big Life Foundation safeguards wildlife and wildlands by partnering with local communities, and specifically, with Maasai rangers. From cheetahs and lions, to East Africa’s largest population of elephants, this organization fights tirelessly to preserve the integrity and biodiversity of the natural landscape. 

Big Life Foundation plays a fundamental role in the local economy. In addition to compensating farmers for vital livestock lost at the hands of predators, this organization is also the single largest employer of people in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro area. Big Life Foundation has also set up two boarding schools and one elementary school, which provide education for approximately 300 students a year. 

As a company, we believe in preserving Earth’s natural beauty, and making sure that every child has an education. We are dedicated to providing whatever aid we can to help make this possible. To learn more about Big Life Foundation, or to donate click here. Please stay tuned for events we will be doing to support Big Life. 


A true lover of marine life, Temple has spent hours snorkeling, scuba diving, and rendering the luminous sealight in gems of equal splendor. As a brand, Temple St. Clair is partnering with non-profit organizations who are dedicated to protecting our oceans.

Coral Advocacy

Temple St Clair participated as a jewelry industry spokesperson for Seaweb's Too Precious to Wear campaign. The campaign worked to raise awareness about the threats facing corals due to over-harvesting, and rising ocean temperatures and acidification. 

Coral is the foundation of the ocean’s ecosystem; about 25 percent of ocean life depends on coral reefs. Unfortunately, the planet has lost a dangerous amount of reefs do to human activity. Between 2002 and 2006, the United States alone imported an estimated 26 million pieces of red coral for jewelry. In order to protect these reefs and the animals who depend upon them, Temple St Clair has pledged not to use coral in any of our jewelry. 

The Arts

As an artist, story-teller, and appreciator of all things beautiful, Temple St. Clair has made consistent funding of the arts a pillar of our philanthropy. Since the inception of our company, we have been dedicated to providing like-minded artists with whatever funding we can.


Temple’s life and work partner was a professional modern dancer so being involved with dance has been a natural passion. Since our company’s founding nearly 30 years ago, we have been devoted to artists that inspire. We were honored to support the New York City Ballet, Douglas Dunn Dance Company, The Yard, New York Live Arts, and The Joyce Theater to name a few. Funding dance remains an integral part of our philanthropy, and we are always looking to promote the places and choreographers we love. 

Narrative Magazine

 Temple’s creations always embody story as inspiration, and her devotion extends to a deep and abiding love of literature. She is a proud supporter of Narrative, the leading non-profit publisher of fiction, poetry and art. Narrative has launched the careers of many of today’s finest writers, and its Narrative in the Schools programs provide in-class resources and a free, digital library of literature to teachers and students in underserved communities all over the world. In her advocacy for arts education, Temple supports Narrative’s work with a specially designed Tell Me A Story Pendant, of which one-hundred percent of profits go directly to Narrative. 

Temple’s Tell Me A Story Pendant is a wonderful talisman not just for bookworms, but for storytellers everywhere.