Human Rights

At Temple St. Clair, we are guided by our commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) as put forth by the United Nations General Assembly.

Our Home

It all starts at home. At our offices and studio in New York City, we are committed to providing a workplace that upholds human rights regarding safe, fair and non-discriminatory practices and conditions. We have always embraced and enjoyed a diverse team, and each Temple St. Clair employee is given a mandate to integrate these best practices within the framework of every individual’s job responsibilities.

It takes an extended global village of communication, cooperation, and transparency to mind the wellbeing of each and every person that we work with. We are committed to responsible working practices at home and abroad.


We have worked with many of our sourcing and manufacturing partners in the US and across the globe for years, if not decades. We actively communicate to all our business partners, old and new, our expectation that at every touch point full human rights policies and responsible practices are adhered to, including unjust labor practices, from forced labor to human trafficking. As jewelers, we must pay exacting attention to the process of identifying precious metal and gemstone vendors who demonstrate a verifiable commitment to a transparent supply chain that respects human rights and responsible environmental practices.

This is a “living” policy; we all work together to review, refine, and evolve, internally and at every step in the supply chain. This evolution is strengthened when we actively communicate Temple St. Clair’s human rights principles throughout our entire network. We invite our partners, suppliers and customers to join in the ongoing efforts to support and implement these values.