The Celestial collection

Infinity & beyond 

The Celestial Collection ventures into the endless possibilities of the night sky. Following a tradition of cosmic contemplation, we explore depictions of the sun, stars and moons, these eternal celestial bodies that guide our days and nights since the beginning of time. 

The centerpiece

The 18K Diamond Tolomeo Pendant is a jeweled representation of the ptolemaic hypothesis, the two thousand year-old, astronomical theory that earth was the center of the universe.

18K Tolomeo Pendant

With moveable rings representing the planetary orbits from the moon to Saturn, this exquisitely engineered jewel represents the geocentric model of the universe.

18K Diamond Tolomeo Pendant

Our extraterrestrial explorations include Zodiac pendants, Astrid bracelets and rings, the Orsina collection and much more.

The Astrological Tool

The 18K Sundial Bracelet is a treasure worthy of its name. Crafted in partnership with an astrophysicist from Bologna, this intricate bracelet is at once an elegant jewel and a fully working sundial. 

The inside

Among renderings of the sun, moon, and diamond-set stars, is a tiny opening, which, when touched by sunlight, displays the time along the bracelet’s inner side. 

The outside

Literally the sky has no limit.

SOle luna

Perfect for day or night, the 18K Sole Luna Earrings render the sun and moon in exquisite detail. 

18K Sole Luna Earrings

With a glow of diamonds, these ethereal earrings capture the luminous energy of the sky from morning to midnight.

18K Sole Luna Earrings