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Save The Dolphins
Temple St. Clair supports various local and national charities including Save Japan Dolphins, an organization dedicated to the campaign to end the Japanese drive fishery slaughter of dolphins in Taiji which has been recently brought to light in the powerful documentary, "The Cove."

To aid their fund-raising efforts, Temple St. Clair will donate 40% of the proceeds from each sale of our Dolphin Pendants to Save Japan Dolphins.

For more information on this cause, please visit:

Help the cause. Call to order 800.590.7985.

Some Quick Facts

Ric O'Barry is the director of, a campaign conducted by the International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute. was formed to put an end to the Japanese drive fishery slaughter of dolphins and stop the capture and live trade of dolphins to zoos and aquariums around the world.

  • The work of Ric and the Save Japan Dolphins team was featured in the Oscar-winning documentary The Cove as well as in Animal Planet Channel's Blood Dolphin$ series.
  • Save Japan Dolphins is active in creating worldwide pressure against the Japanese dolphin slaughter, generating petitions with more than 2 million signatures from 151 countries. The team is also involved in investigations and monitoring at the Cove and in exposing the toxic mercury in Japanese dolphin meat products.


Save The Dophines
Save The Dophines
Save The Dophines
Save The Dophines