Temple St. Clair is renowned for her use of rare and distinctive colored gemstones.
A unique setting is created for each of these earthly treasures by the finest goldsmiths in the world.
The result is a highly collectible limited-edition jewel.

18K Royal Blue Moon Halo Ring

Royal Blue Moonstone is our signature gemstone, and we are always on the lookout for the most interesting expression of this stone. Large sizes of fine quality with that perfect blue flash are hard to come by. We knew immediately we’d discovered something special when we found the centerpiece for the 18K Royal Blue Moon Halo Ring. This one-of-a-kind ring is the ultimate collectible, even more so considering that, in our experience, Royal Blue Moonstone continues to become harder to find and to appreciate in value.


The Galaxy Bracelet

The 18K Galaxy Bracelet turns to ancient astronomical diagrams for inspiration. Here, expertly cut Royal Blue Moonstones and velvety blue sapphires unite the depths of the night sky with the perfect order of mathematical equations. Fully articulated, this bracelet is comfortable, elegant, and timeless.


The Galaxy Necklace

The 18K Galaxy Necklace expresses the beauty of mathematical equations in luminous gemstones. Royal Blue Moonstone and expertly cut diamonds work together to give this fully articulated necklace an otherworldly glow.