Temple St. Clair draws infinite inspiration from the natural world. We believe it is our role and duty to help to protect the planet in every way that we can both at work and beyond.

Continually Evolving

We are committed to monitoring and improving our environmental performance, reducing environmental impacts, incorporating environmental factors into business decisions, and increasing employee awareness and training. The same attention to detail that we apply in the design process is brought to bear on every aspect of our operation, so that our actions can match our values. We have established rigorous environmental goals that comply with and exceed all relevant regulatory requirements.

In practice, this means that we want to reduce our reliance on plastic. We are working to eliminate use of plastic in our shipping materials by choosing alternatives for bubble wrap and other plastic lined materials. We are also requesting that vendors move away from plastic and styrofoam when they ship to us. When we do need to use plastic, we seek to treat it carefully as reusable material.

As far as our daily practices in the offices and studio, we are moving towards changing our daily behavior and habits to reduce our own individual impact - from replacing a plastic water system with a Berkey Water Filter that sustainably filters tap water to eliminating the use of single use plastic food utensils and containers. We are reaching out to urge outside food vendors to move to recyclable and compostable containers. We are examining all paper-packaging materials to make sure they are made from recyclable or compostable materials. At the same time, we are generally moving to reduce use of paper in favor of keeping purely digital files. We also manage our studio’s energy consumption with attention to temperature control and an eye toward supplying all the required elements of our work – such as AC units, copiers and printers, kitchen appliances, etc. – with efficient and environmentally friendly products wherever possible.

Given its carbon intensity, we restrict our transportation to necessary trips only, and when we can, we rely on e-mail or video conferencing to communicate with our extended network of vendors, artisans, and clients around the world. When local travel is required, TSC employees make every effort to travel on foot, use public transportation or bicycles. Just as with our office devices, when we must rent or lease vehicles, we opt for ‘green' vehicles whenever possible.

For our business to exercise responsible environmental management, we know that we must proactively communicate these measures to every member of our team, as well as to our customers. Staff members are provided with environmental training, and we work with suppliers, contractors, and sub-contractors to bring these initiatives to the fore.

Our efforts cover a wide range of details and materials. We will update information here as we find solutions so that this may aid others to arrive at improved modes of working and living while taking care of our planet. We welcome solutions from friends and colleagues as alternatives are created and found. We are all in this together.

Philantrophy At Temple St. Clair

Temple St. Clair is devoted to supporting community, conservation, the arts, and to addressing global issues close to our heart.

Temple currently serves on the Advisory Board of the Big Life Foundation dedicated to preserving wildlife and lands in the Amboseli-Tsavo-Kilimanjaro ecosystem of East Africa. We also support Lion Guardians, working with the Maasai tribes in Kenya to protect lions. A lifelong diver and marine enthusiast, Temple has been a spokesperson and advocate for coral conservation through the Too Precious to Wear Campaign, shedding light on the destructive results of using coral in the jewelry industry.

Closer to home in New York City, we focus our support on SAFH, an East Village organization that has provided food and assistance to the homeless for over 30 years; we have been dedicated to sustaining their mission for the last two decades.

Support of the arts is also a foundational part of our company’s ethos; we see ourselves as a part of the broader community of artists, and regularly give back to those whose creative work in dance and literature often inspires our own. We engage with local dance and presentation organizations such as Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, New York Live Arts, New York City Ballet, the Joyce Theater, and the Yard.

In June 2021, we launched our Rainbow Angel Initiative to support organizations chosen annually by the TSC team. We engaged with the NYC based Hetrick-Martin Institute supporting LGBTQ youths to kick off our Rainbow Angel project.

To learn more about each of these initiatives (and to lend your support), explore our Philanthropy page.