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Amulets represent the first form of jewelry. Man and woman have sought personal amulets or charms since time immemorial to mark significant events both happy and sad, to symbolize protection and to bring good fortune. Amulets take on diverse forms in various materials, but most importantly they take on the story of the wearer.


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My initial fascination with jewelry came from amulets. Without knowing it, as I child, I followed this oh so human tradition of stringing treasures around my neck or wrist - a shell, a rock shaped like a heart, a feather. In my imagination, I imbued these amulets with significance that was very strong and real to me. They marked moments, memories and rites of passage. As I got older, the materials expanded from handmade found objects, to beads and charms bargained for in exotic markets in North Africa and India. The use of jewels throughout tribal art further emphasized the idea and visceral importance of the amulet.

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