The Big Game
from The Golden Menagerie

As a jeweler and an artist, I explore in my Golden Menagerie traditions of storytelling through symbols of animals. It is my desire that each jewel be a totem for the animal and its environment, and a symbolic reminder of the interdependence of all living things.

With the Big Game collection, I have created jeweled portraits of animals that I particularly love, many of which are either extinct or threatened. As I did in Mythical Creatures and Wings of Desire, I have created romanticized visions of the animals-each is captured in a moment of stillness or activity within a peaceful environment. The choice of gemstone colors and the patterns of detail reference the impermanence of our time on earth.

All living things are programmed to survive. The fight for life by one creature or another rarely affects the daily lives of most of us, and we will scarcely notice if one day there are no more panthers or rhinos, but we proceed at our own peril. This collection of jewels represents the big game that we play, and the gamble that we take, if we do not pay attention to the state of the beings with whom we share the planet. We are all inextricably linked. Their well-being is a reflection of our own.

In an effort to minimize the impact of my own work and materials on the natural environment, we use no animal products such as coral or ivory. We are members of the Responsible Jewellery Council and request that all of our partners in production and sourcing adhere to stringent standards with regard to conflict-free and sustainably sourced materials. In creating the work that I do, my ambition is that it is work for the ages, not for the moment, to be consumed and forgotten. These pieces are meant to be collected, passed down, and treasured, to carry on the storytelling of our time.

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