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Inspiration, craftsmanship, exquisite materials, connection to cultural history and tradition, telling a story: these are the elements that drive me as a designer and artist. A great jewel must consist of impeccable craftsmanship, fine materials, and well-executed design, yet a true jewel goes beyond its materials. It stands the test of time.


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Partnering with Florentine goldsmiths, I work with them in the same way that one would have in the fourteenth or fifteenth century. Together we create jeweled stories in rich yellow gold with some of the finest gemstones on earth. These humble, devoted artisans bring an unimaginable depth of heart and soul to their work, as well as a steady hand and expert eye.

They have taught me patience, dedication, and persistence. Working in a hallowed tradition passed down from father to son, Italy's master goldsmiths are, quite literally, part of a dying breed. They are one of Italy's national treasures, and I am honored to have been welcomed into their lives and to play a part in preserving and advancing their legacy.

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