A Gift for All Seasons We love our angels! For everyone in your life, from new graduates to grandmothers, an angel with complimentary personalized engraving makes for the perfect gift.
The Angel Collection Our angels come from cherubs painted by the Renaissance artist, Raphael. Each angel is minted like an ancient coin in Florence.
The Tree of Life Collection The Tree of Life is a magical tree symbolic of life’s journey. Our golden tree celebrates the earth, the sky and the sea. Turn your tree of life into a family tree by engraving initials or names along the branches.
The Zodiac Collection Astrology comes from the Greek term the study of the stars. Our love for this ancient science dates back almost 4000 years. Our zodiac pendants represent ancient symbols of the western astrological calendar. Give someone special the gift of his or her sign, wear yours or wear one in honor of someone close to you.