Objet Trouvé ob•jet trou•vé
/,äbZHā troo’vā/
An object found or picked up at random and considered aesthetically pleasing.
My Childhood Museum As a child, I was encouraged to collect and curate objects I found in nature and on my travels. On a bookcase in my bedroom, I displayed seashells from snorkeling adventures, fossilized bones and coral from beachcombing, and crystals found on hikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Personal Treasures These items were arranged among rocks, feathers, dried seaweed, pinecones, acorns, pressed flowers and leaves and just about anything that caught my eye and seemed treasure-worthy.
Found Objects This season’s collection of jewels celebrates finding beauty in the details – a tangle of branches and vines sparkling with dewdrops, coins that tell mythological stories, and talismans including lions that represent a memory, a story or something dear.